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The Apple Macbook Pro is One of the Worlds Most Desirable Laptops. Now You Can Have One for FREE if You Follow these Simple Steps.

how to get a macbook proMost people don’t believe that it’s possible to get a free Macbook Pro, at least not legally, but I’m here to tell you that you can and what’s more it really isn’t that difficult.

With just a small amount of effort you can get the gadget of your dreams.

This offer is available Worldwide so no matter where you live you can make it happen and shipping is free.

Don’t waste time!! The sooner you start the quicker you’ll get a free macbook. Click here..

I know what you’re thinking.

This must be a SCAM, nobody hands out free Macbook Pro ?

I don’t blame you for thinking these questions, any sane person would. But don’t worry. This is a legitimate company. They have been in business for many years, featured on television and are one of the biggest sites of this kind around today.

With thousands of satisfied customers and having sent out over a million dollars worth of gadgets over this time they are a reputable company.

All you have to do is follow this simple three step plan and you’ll have a free Macbook Pro in no time at all.

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Click on the link below and sign up for a free account.

Have a look at the gifts available and decide which one you’d like. As you are on this site I’m assuming that you’d like a brand new Macbook Pro, but there are hundreds of different gadgets and gifts available from gaming consoles such as the Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox to gift vouchers, iPads, iPhones, High Definition Televisions, Sports Gear and mobile phones.

SIGN UP HERE For a FREE Macbook Pro


Sign up for and complete one of the many trial offers that are provided. You only have to complete one trial offer no matter how many free gadgets you eventually claim.

A lot of people may stop at this step because, I won’t lie, you do need to spend a small amount of money. The trial offers are exactly that, trials at a special introductory price. Now most of the offers are under $10 so it’s a small price to pay for something you may have bought anyway.

Remember that you are under no obligation to take a trial offer. The choice is yours. But this is the most important step and without it you will not be able to claim your free macbook pro even if you have completed step 3.

You must use real details for both steps 1 and 2 otherwise the company won’t know where to ship your free macbook pro.

Free Macbook Pro


Free Macbook Pro

Refer some friends to join in the excitement. You’ll be given a special link that your friends can use to sign up as well. Each time one of them completes a legitimate trial offer you’ll get a referral.

And the best part is that you are not limited to just one free gift. You can claim as many as you want all you need to do is keep referring friends. You only have to complete one trial offer. So after you’ve claimed a free macbook pro you may want to get a free iPhone.

There is no time limit on referrals you can send them as quick or slow as you like. The only thing it makes a difference to is how quick you’ll receive your free Macbook Pro.

Free Macbook Pro Rules and Terms of Condition

Obviously there are some rules that have to be followed or you’ll end up being excluded from the network such as only having one account per household and only one account per IP address (so you can’t have all your friends sign up on your computer).

 SIGN UP NOW For a FREE Macbook Pro

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5 Responses to “Get a Free Macbook Pro”

  • Peter on January 21, 2012

    I’ve just registered. Wish me luck.

    • Mac on February 8, 2012

      Here’s to your success.

  • TJ on April 15, 2012

    Did It Work?

  • Mac on May 3, 2012

    I’ve just written a guide on how to get the referrals (points) you need. It contains 10 of the best ways I know for getting referrals quicker. The report is free, you just need to register to receive it, just click on the image on the right.

    If anyone else has more great ideas then just send them to me and I’ll include them.

  • Peter on May 18, 2012

    It’s going well. I registered and started to get the required referrals. I’m not trying too hard but have around 10 referrals at the moment. I want the Macbook so I need to get another 36 referrals but I could also choose a different gift for less referrals and take that instead if I get stuck.

    Aiming to get one of the new macbook pros when they come out later in the year so I’m not in too big of a hurry.

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