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I’m sure that you have a lot of questions, I know that I did. With an offer for a free macbook pro it seems too good to be true so you have a right to be sceptical so here’s how it works.

Free Macbook Pro – How it Works

Free Macbook ProThere are companies out there that want to advertise their services and get new customers. Sure they could spend millions on a new television advertisement that nobody responds to or spend a small fortune on magazine ads that people don’t read but there is another way.

With the advent of the internet there is a huge potential to reach new subscribers and potential customers. Rather than do the advertising themselves, which in itself is expensive, these companies pay people to do it for them. People like us that want a free macbook pro.

Now there are different ways that this can happen but one of the most popular is to pay when somebody sends them a new customer. This is called affiliate marketing and from the companies point of view is very cost effective. They only pay a commission when they get a new customer so they do not lose money on advertising as somebody else is now doing it for them.

So how does this help you get a free Macbook Pro ?

Free Macbook Pro ReferralsSimple. When either yourself or one of your referrals signs up for a trial offer the company that you sign up to will pay a commission to the gift company. The gift company is the one that is going to provide you with the free macbook pro. This commision goes towards your credits which eventually pays for your gift or gadget.

OK. It sounds a little complicated I know but basically your free macbook pro is paid for from commissions that you earn by sending customers to one of the offer companies.

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