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I often get asked for alternative methods for getting a free macbook pro and other gadgets. I can understand when some people don’t feel comfortable asking for referrals or can’t seem to achieve enough to finally get their free macbook pro.

But these methods do work and if you are really determined to get a gadget that costs thousands of dollars for free it’s understandable that you may have to work a little to get it.

The good news is that I have done some serious searching around and have found another method so that you can have a free macbook pro with no referrals, yes you heard right that’s without referrals.

In fact this methods works with all sorts of different gadgets, not just the free macbook pro. It works with games consoles, software, iPads and televisions to name a few.

It does however have some drawbacks. It only works if you live in the USA, Canada or UK. That’s not to say that you couldn’t get it to work in other countries but it would take some extra work to check first.

So what is it and how does the free macbook pro no referrals method work?

I know that a lot of people will question whether this is another free macbook pro scam designed to empty unsuspecting customers of their hard earned cash or a legitimate method for acquiring new gadgets.

Using the Free Macbook Pro No Referrals Method

When I first heard about the ”Free Stuff Exposed” eBook, I knew that I had to check it out first to see whether it was legit and would actually help in getting  a free macbook pro or not.

Free Macbook Pro without Referrals

Firstly I should explain a few things. If you’ve never heard of an ebook before then let me explain. It is simply an electronic book. There is no paper copy available, unless you want to print one out yourself. Rather you are sent an electronic copy of the book either through email or more often than not you download it from a website.

The standard format is .pdf which is readable on both PC and Mac computers. You can download a free PDF reader from the Adobe site if you don’t have it already and you could be reading up on how to get a free macbook pro in the next few minutes.

The advantage of an electronic book is that you can be reading it minutes after making the purchase. I’m sure that most readers have heard of the Amazon Kindle, it’s been a huge seller recently. Well the Kindle is just a portable ebook reader.

It only took a minute to download, but what about the book itself. Will it really help you to get your free gadget without referrals?

If you would like a free Macbook Pro without Referrals then try this method.

This is a very concise guide that doesn’t waffle on and pad things out. It just gets down to the facts so that you can get things moving asap.

Free Macbook Pro no referrals

Parts 1 & 2 cover how getting free stuff on the internet works and some great resources as to where you should go. It does touch on referrals and ways to attract them if you are short of ideas.

Part 3 of the guide is the one that will interest you most if you are looking to get a free macbook pro without referrals as it describes the method needed to accomplish this. Obviously I cannot tell you the authors ‘secret’ as he wouldn’t be too happy and would probably threaten legal actions.

This could be a very simple solution to your problem if you are fed up with asking friends and family for referrals in your quest for a free macbook pro.

 Get a Free Macbook Pro from “Free Stuff Exposed”


If you are on the fence about this free stuff guide then it is worth noting that it does come with a FULL “no questions asked” 100% money back guarantee, good for 60 days after purchase.

So if you’re not happy and are no closer to getting your free macbook pro then you can get a refund.

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