New Apple MacBook Pro Due Mid 2012

It’s widely speculated that the new Apple MacBook Pro laptops for 2012 will make their debut within the next few months. It seems likely that the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in June will make the perfect venue for revealing the upcoming models as this is where Apple regularly reveals its latest gadgets. But what can we expect?

New Apple Macbook Pro due 2012

There has been talk lately of the 17″ Macbook Pro being dropped from the current line due to poor sales performance. Whether this will happen remains to be seen but the 13 inch Macbook Pro still remains the most popular Macbook available. Sales wise it accounts for approximatley 50% of the Apple notebook sold.

The rumors are rife at the moment and although some may have more credibility than others it’s still too early to say for sure what we’ll see from final production. There’s talk of ultra-high resolution displays, the so-called retina displays, slimmer tougher lighter liquidmetal cases, faster processors and even voice control.

What to Expect from the New Macbook Pro

While we may not know for sure the exact specifications of the new range of Macbook Pro laptops there are a few things that would be nice.


The 2012 Macbook Pro will include Intel’s Ivy Bridge quad-core mobile processors which will give the laptop a performance boost, especially in the graphics area. The new Ivy Bridge chips are designed with retina displays in mind so there’s at least some hope of seeing a higher resolution display used.


It’s normal nowadays that every new iteration of a gadget produces a newer thinner model. We’ve seen it with the iPhones, iPads and iPods so it seems appropriate that the next generation Macbook Pro will be thinner still.


There has been a lot of talk lately about liquid metal and although most of it seems to be aimed at the upcoming iPhone 5 there is good reason for using it in the new Macbook. Liquidmetal is a hi-tech alloy that is thin, light and very robust, perfect for the uni-body of a MacBook Pro which tends to get a lot of knocks.

The only problem is that liquid metal has only been used on small scale so far (in the SIM removal tool of the iPhone) and remains unproven on large scale projects.

Voice Control

Siri is one function of the iPhone 4S that many people would like to see on the new Macbook Pro but is it likely, who knows?

Apple decided against adding this capability to the new iPad 3 even though it would have been a useful addition so it seems unlikely that it will be incorporated on the Macbook.

One thing that may make this difficult would be the microphone and the fact that the one on he Macbook is more likely to pick up background noise making it more difficult for the software to interpret the voices. Still, it would be cool.

Final Thoughts

At this time everything is pure speculation. It’s normal for the rumor mills to be proved completely wrong, as was the initial disappointment when the iPhone 4S was released.

What does seem sure is that a new Macbook Pro is going to be released in the very near future and that now is a good time to start preparing to get yours.

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