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Are You Ready to Win a Macbook Pro

win a macbook proIf you are at this site then you have one thing on your mind. You want to win a Macbook Pro and I have to say that I totally understand. They’re sleek, cool and have some awesome processing power but I’ll be honest with you, the chances of winning one in a competition are pretty slim.

If you want to win a Macbook pro for college then you may be better off spending your time working a job to get the cash for it. Because, lets face it companies do not give stuff away for free. Well, not without reason anyway. All competitions are there to draw in customers so although a few lucky individuals may get a free Macbook pro most people will have to end up paying a small price for it.

Are you still here? OK I’ll show you some ways to get a get your hands on an Apple Macbook Pro at the lowest price possible, even possibly free. I’m going to have a search around the internet-o-sphere and post any competitions that I can find that give you a chance to get your beloved macbook.

Best Way to Get a Free Macbook Pro

Firstly I have to say that while you are waiting for some competitions to turn up it is best if you have a backup plan. This may not be the quickest way to get a macbook but it is a tried and tested method that gets results.

You need to sign up with a company called Freebie Jeebies , signup doesn’t cost a thing and you are under no obligations. You ten have to decide on which gift you would like to get, such as a macbook pro, iphone 4S, television or a range of other goodies that they offer. Now to get the gift you need to sign up to one of the trial offers on show. Now most of the trials are only $5-$10 are you’ll probably find that there is something that you would use anyway. Always read the small print on the offer to make sure that you know exactly what it is offering.

You then need to refer people to the same site to basically do what you just did. The number of people that you have to refer depends upon what gift you are going after. In this example a macbook pro require 46 referrals. After you get the required number of referrals you get the free gift.

It’s fairly simple in the way that it works. Freebie Jeebies actually make some money when people sign up to the trial offers. The money that they make from all of your referrals goes to pay for your laptop. If you have a large list of contacts then it’s feasible that you could actually get a free macbook pro very quickly.

Anyway, you can use this as your backup plan if you like. Just click on the signup box over in the right hand side of this page.

Competitions to Win a Macbook Pro

Here is a list of sites that run competitions or offers to win a free macbook pro. Be sure to book mark this page as these competitions are changing all the time.

United States (USA)

These are the competitions and offers to win a Macbook Pro if you live in the USA.

United Kingdom (UK)

These are the competitions and offers to win a Macbook Pro if you live in the United Kingdom (UK).

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These are the competitions and offers to win a Macbook Pro if you live in the Canada.


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Get a FREE Apple iPad (Canada ONLY)

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These are the competitions and offers to win a Macbook Pro if you live in the Australia.

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